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Writing a Compelling Yellow Pages Ad

The yellow pages or other phone directories can still bring you a lot of business even though a lot of people are using the internet to find local businesses.

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To be successful with your yellow pages advertisement you need to first grab the attention of the reader. This is done through the use of a well written headline. When writing your headline keep in mind people use the yellow pages when they are wanting to fix your solve a problem or to fill some sort of need. This is different than placing an advertisement in the newspaper or a magazine. You know that when people are coming to the section of the yellow pages you are in that they need somebody in your industry or profession. Your headline needs to be able to grab the attention of the reader away from the other ads on that same page. This is not all that difficult as most of these other ads will have headlines that are only the company name. Not much to grab attention there.


How are you different from all the other companies on that page you are listed on? Is there something you currently give your clients that makes them happy to do business with you? Or ask yourself ‘What keeps my clients coming back and doing business with me instead of going to someone else?’ Whatever your answers are will be what you need to tell your readers. This will allow you to stand out and above your competition. One easy way to write this into your ad is through a testimonial from a happy customer. Do not give your own testimonials, whenever I have seen people do this I shudder. Thinking to myself ‘what is this person doing?’ Using a good testimonial will make your point stand out and build trust. These are effective as there is not a lot of room to write a lot about what kind of service you actually provide. This way people see what others are saying, and what they are saying is what this person will most likely want.


The offer is where you ask the reader to go to the next step and take action now. This can be as simple as asking the reader to call now. You can also give a limited number of products at a discount, or have a limited time offer.

The point of the offer is to get your client to do business with you now rather than later.

Here are some examples:

Call 555-5555

Can Now!

Visit us at 55-555 today

Limited Supply

This offer is good only for The First 25 people to take action Today

While Supplies Last

Limited Supplies

First Time Callers only

Use Coupon for a free gift today!


Tell your readers what you do. Keep this part of your ad short since they already have an idea of what you do as they found you under a heading in the yellow pages. I know that you can put your business under multiple headings, but for the most part even if you are just under one main heading people have an idea of what you do. Make a list of the less common services you provide that may not be as obvious as other services. For instance a plumbing company might say they do all plumbing services as well as radiant heat, boilers, renovations and new construction. Or if there is something that you specialize in mention that service above all else. For instance you could write Specializing in boilers, radiant heat and servicing all other areas of plumbing within any building.


Even if the industry you are in has a standard guarantee you still want to mention that your company does have a guarantee. You can mention that you have a 1 year parts and labour guarantee, or if you sell products you can have a satisfaction guarantee like this. If for any reason you are not 100% happy with your new (product), call us within 60 days and we will refund your money no questions asked.

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Here are some other guarantees you can think about using:

Money Back guarantee

(30, 60, 90) day no questions asked money back guarantee.

Satisfaction guarantee

1 year parts and labour

5 year warrantee and 1 year parts and labour

Your company might even have different guarantees for different products and services. In that case you might want to say all products and services are guaranteed check in store for details. You might want to say guarantees up to 10 years check in store or call for details. Careful on this if everything you carry has a one year warranty except for one product that has a 10 year warrantee. Depending on the industry you are in this may come across as a little under handed, but I have seen many people do this, or even something similar with pricing, buy this for as low as… This is your ad for the industry you are in, be careful not to destroy the relationship with your new client because you came across the wrong way. And please remember that the yellow pages is meant to get you new clients, what you do with that client will keep them coming back and sending you referrals from their friends and family.


In many cases yellow page ads are small when compared with a sales letter or even a postcard. The smaller your yellow pages ad is the more you need that attention grabbing headline and a strong call to action. With a really small ad you may want to try and get a strong benefit and try to differentiate yourself all in the headline. Then put in a testimonial, some services, strong offer and your guarantee. Then at the bottom in larger font then everything else place your phone number or address or whatever means you use to have the customer get in contact with you. If you are a plumber or a lawyer then you might be dealing with someone that is having an emergency and the first phone number they see they call. This goes the same for pizza or Chinese restaurants.

You are now on your way to substantially increasing the number of leads you get from your yellow pages ad!

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