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Writing Business Plan

For those who plan on starting a business, having a business plan on hand is strongly recommended. Even though it has never been a universal requirement to have one in place, doing business with a plan can always make everything much more credible and foreseeable.

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So, what exactly is a business plan? A business plan is a detailed proposal that includes all the goals and practical expectations that your business is going to accomplish in a given time frame and a reasonable budget. In most cases, a business plan will also include all the pros and cons of all the aspects of a business. In other words, business owners will have an excellent idea on what is going to happen when everything is heading to the right direction. At the same time, they will have the opportunity to understand the things that will make their business fail.

As far as everyone knows, nothing is perfect on earth. Same idea applies to running a business with a business plan. It does not mean the business will work out 100% with no issues. If that is the case, why should business owners be bothered to write a business plan then? It is simply because this is the basic way that will help business owners to stay focused on every aspect of their business. If their business plan is not written on paper, their business will never become real no matter what. First, business owners will have nothing to reference to. Let's say the business has partnerships involved. Business meeting is here, finally! Without the written business plan, they will be looking at each other and get nothing done. Second, business owners will have trouble getting financial assistance from any banking institutions. Regardless of how excellent their credit score is along with the amount of collateral they have, banks will decline to loan business owners any money if no written business plan is available for review. Note that before lending any money out, the banks will have to know the exact calculation of costs. The bottom line is that they have to decide whether their business plan is profitable or not. Third, business owners need second opinion from others such as their family members, friends, or even business experts, etc. Unless they can go over the written business plan, no comment or recommendations can be given.

There are a numerous things that should be involved with writing a business plan. Everything has to depend on the type of business that business owners are operating. But general speaking, they include a list of expenses (employees, contracts, advertising, equipment, supplies, marketing, utilities, rent, etc), financing options (banks, credit unions, stockholders), management, rules and regulations, and also an exit strategy.

At times, a business plan will create value to the company financially. The business plan should be well written from the beginning to the end. If it has typos and errors, it will look unprofessional. It should be recommended by well-known business experts to affirm credibility.

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