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What does it take to start a handyman business

Many Americans now are seeking a way to start their business to ensure the longevity of their financial stability. The most popular service that is starting up nationwide is handy man services that can be ran from individual's homes. These services provide low over head and often lead to a high profitability when ran correctly. The important thing to look into first is your state's licensing requirements for the service that you are providing.

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A handy many service is often a general labor service that requires very little expertise but if you do have some knowledge in plumbing, HVAC, or other skills then it will be required to get licensed through your state in order to provide these services. Testing fees are cheap but where the real over head comes into play is when you get the business it's self licensed through your city or state.

Businesses licenses for a handyman business often require a certain amount of liability insurance as well as a security bond in case any subsequent damages occur during work. This is more to protect the contractor from civil liabilities than it is the consumer since accidents do occur and can often mean bankrupting an individual. If you intend on hiring employees then workman's comp insurance is needed in order to maintain a business license as well. This is also to protect the employer in case of any civil liabilities that could occur. When should a handy man service hire employees or sub contract job assignments?

Ideally you will be swamped with calls for work that will help establish your name on the market and provide income. At a certain point it may be necessary to bring on employees to help you finish work in a timely fashion and this can be determined by a simple equation. If the work you are losing as a result of lack of employees has a profit margin greater than the cost of the employees themselves, then it is time to hire a few new people. What all do you need in the early staged to start your business?

A few essential tools are needed but many men already own these. Hammers, wire strippers, paint brushes, rollers, electric screwdrivers, and the usual things you would need to do projects around your house. The best vehicle to use would be either a small truck or a cargo van that will provide you space to store supplies. The important thing when starting out is to market your business.

The best way to do this is through the internet on free online classified ads but more traditional ways will provide you with more visibility. If you use paper signs posted in gas stations, news paper ads, and even small late night television and radio ads can be affordable way to advertise your new business. As soon as the advertising takes off you will see business start to flow in but don't get discouraged as all business owners have a hard time operating their first six months. Perseverance will lead you to owning a great business that will provide for you and your family for the rest of your life.

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