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Starting Your Own Window Cleaning Service

While a window cleaning service is a fairly easy business to get into because of the low overhead and start up cost. There are some things to be considered before you actually get started. The first being that you need to take yourself and your business serious. Be professional, dress the part and present yourself and your business as professional. Wear a uniform, even if you are your only employee, it looks good to potential customers and it lets passers by know that your services are for hire.

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One of the best ways to really get started is to wrte up a professional business plan. You can get a template for a business plan if you would like, but you really don't need one. A business plan is simply an outline of everything that you need to get your business going down to the last detail, eventhe hours and days that you plan to work. Some of the things that you will need to get started are:

Description Estimated Cost

Business license $100.00

Less than $100.00 in most states.

General liability insurance. $500.00

Customers feel more secure in hiring a business

that carries their own insurance.

You will be covered in case of an accident.

Insurance rates will go higher as you do, stick to

businesses and homes that are no more than two

stories high to begin with.

Professional Business cards $20.00

Serious and easy to read, not too flashy.

Uniforms $100.00 Not too flashy perhaps tan pants and a t-shirt with

your business information on it.

No blue jeans they look unprofessional.

Truck or vehicle large enough to carry all supplies. $3000.00

It is not mandatory that you have a truck, it just

makes things easier.

Magnetic signs for truck doors. $50.00

Window cleaning supplies $300.00



Cleaning solution


Of course this isn't an actual business plan and the prices are subject to change from state to state, but perhaps you get the general idea. Keep in mind that most new businesses don't even make a profit for the first year. So if you make enough money to cover your expenses until you get a clientele built up you are doing really good.


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