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Start a Window Cleaning Business for Yourself

Around 400 BC Plato wrote about necessity being the mother of invention. One cannot help but wonder how a phrase written more than 2,000 years ago can be so relevant to today.

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As unemployment crawls ever higher there is no more getting around it, we are currently experiencing some of the worst economic times the United States has seen. Layoffs are everywhere, the stock market is down, foreclosures are up and people have no safe place to turn.

Times like these call for calm introspection. The individual must take center stage when society's curtain is falling down everywhere. Those who will survive this current economic hardship are the ones who see the opportunity.

Instead of a layoff turning into a bout of depression and the never ending blame game, it becomes a chance to try something new. As in any good play the hero is the focus of inspiration even if he is an individual acting alone.

For some the first act of ascendance begins as they gaze out their own windows. The window is a source of great admiration and satisfaction. Not the window itself as much as it is the view one sees. A dirt laden window is the downfall of any beautiful view. For those who can wash a window there is no reason to never have a job.

Windows are everywhere, all windows need cleaning, so why not start a window cleaning business?

The second act happens when a client is signed. Perhaps an offer of a free month’s service is the proper inducement to get someone to commit. Maybe there is a scratch on a shop owner’s window that can be taken out for free. While providing the free service one is able to mention that they do, in fact own a cleaning business and would be more than happy to keep the new scratchless window clean.

Some people think that providing initial services free of charge lessens the value of the business overall. These are the same people who helped guide this economy to the point of collapse. The old rules simply are no longer relevant.

The third, and final act comes a person is paid. Monetary compensation is the end goal here before the final curtain call. People will be happy to pay for the needed services of the window washer who has a pleasant attitude and isn’t afraid to earn business in nontraditional ways. Even some free radio advertising is possible for the right trade out of services.

It has never been more necessary for people to get out there and find solutions to the problems that plague others. The magic thing about windows is that they will eventually all become dirty again. Talking about a near perfect business to be in, this one's hard to beat.

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