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start a carpet cleaning business

Like any start up business it takes drive and perseverance to be successful. Creating a carpet cleaning business is no different. However to start a carpet cleaning business it takes behind the scenes knowledge of the business and that's before getting your feet wet. Learn the starting stages of getting your carpet cleaning business off the ground.

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To get the behind the scenes know how start by working at a carpet cleaning business as an employee. Doing this will give you an idea of the ins and outs of the business. Use that knowledge to figure out the niche of the business. The niche of the business is the target clients the potential company will clean for. More specifically choose between cleaning for home residents, commercial companies or both. The knowledge will also give an idea of how much to charge customers for cleaning their carpets and/or rugs. Charge a flat rate, per room or per hour.

Add the choice on the business plan. The business plan includes that, start up costs and how to pay for them. The money can come from your savings, a business credit card or a business loan. The business plan also has the type of cleaning the company will provide and the type of carpet to be cleaned. You can specialize in one, some or all of the following: area rug cleaning, spot stain removal, deep carpet cleaning, carpet repair, and/or carpet removal. List items needed for the business like vacuum cleaners, steamers, shampoo and carpet cleaners. Add additional expenses like phone, internet and wages.

Have the location of the business ready to open even if it starts in your house. Any new business needs a license. Apply for it and pay a license fee. Once the license is obtained and the business plan is complete pay for equipment and supplies. Purchase business insurance. Purchase machines, cleaning supplies and day-to-day expenses. Purchase enough of this and more for the business. Start off with rented or used items if necessary. If you plan to make an environmentally friendly cleaning service or have this as an option for customers purchase environmentally safe products. Have a means of transportation ready to reach the customers. A crew is needed for this to be successful. Start out with one or two people and then as the business grows the employees can too. Finally advertise. Let people know about the business by having an effective campaign. Use the internet and flyers to help promote it. Marketing is 75% of what makes a carpet cleaning business successful so it must be done right. Have great sales to keep loyal customers.

Interaction with customers and organization of appointments and revenue separates the good from the bad. Building a carpet cleaning business from scratch is hard so be patient and stay the course.

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