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Plumbing Marketing Ideas

When researching plumbing marketing ideas you should keep in mind that an idea about marketing for one plumbing company may not work the same way for another plumbing company. This happens because one plumbing company may run differently than another plumbing company. Yes the method should work in some matter, but you will still need to tweak that marketing idea to work for your own plumbing company.

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As with any methods of marketing you will want to rewrite the material to give it your own feel or have your copywriter do this for you. A copywriter will look over all of your companies information to get a feeling of what sort of personality your company has, and write the advertisement accordingly.

Once the piece of marketing is rewritten then you will want to test on a small market of 500 to 1000 pieces. Track your results then tweak where necessary and test again. Once you are getting a good return on your investment you can then send the marketing material out to the masses and reap the rewards.

Below is some great ideas for you to advertise in.

Yellow pages

Postcards or flyers

Networking Clubs

Referral programs

Joint ventures

Write a blog

Build a website

Online advertising


Newspaper display ads



Your company and personal vehicle

Other people’s vehicles


Bus stops and buses

Promotional items


Write a book

Give a speech

Get interviewed on tv or radio

Put up a kiosk in the mall

Hand out your business cards to everybody everywhere

Buy lists of names and mail sales letters out

Create and submit a press release

Hire telemarketers to make cold calls offering a special on your services

Hire sales people

Create and use banner ads online

Search engine marketing and ppc

Text ads on other websites

Search engine optimization

Coupon books

Pick and choose what type of marketing method will work for your company and your current marketing budget. I have tried almost all of the above methods, except for TV.

Also remember that it is not so much the method that you use but the words that you use with that method and the delivery of the marketing material. When I say delivery I mean how the piece comes across not how does it get to you.


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