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Plumbing Business Software

Keys to good plumbing business software

Few, if any software package will do everything your business needs really well out of the box. As with anything, software packages have their strengths and weaknesses. Your job is to sort out which package has it's strengths in the right areas to support your operations.

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Accounting is the key to any successful business. Regardless of the business you are in, you must be able to maintain your chart of accounts, debits and credits, journal entries and so on. Of course the government would like their share, so good accounting processes are required. Also, in this day of accountability, good account documentation is essential.

Virtually every other key element of your IT strategy must interface properly with your accounting software. If the software package claims to interface with your accounting package, dig deep and make sure it will integrate properly, or that there is a method to build essential APIs (Application Programming Interfaces).

Probably the second most important relationship in business (after customers of course) is with your suppliers. Your software needs to be able to track multiple supplier (even for a single part), including the ability to create and fax or electronically deliver Purchase Orders. It is also helpful if your system provides a method to track reliability and success with individual suppliers.

There are a multitude of customers, and types of customers. Even in the same industry, customer needs vary by client. It is imperative that your software be able to create and manage orders through the entire order, shipping, and delivery process. Your system should also provide methodology for direct marketing based on the customer history data. Of course the system should also have an integrated ability to create quotes, and to respond to an RFP.

Good Plumbing Business Software will have a way to manage your equipment. From hand tools to trucks, your business depends on expensive equipment. A good well rounded package will include ways to capitalize on this equipment and keep it safe and strong.

Also critical to any business, on the retail or the service side, is the inventory control system. If your system is constantly wrong, it can seriously impact your ability to meet commitments and satisfy your customer base.

Among the many other things you may want to consider in your quest, Employee Management, The ability to maintain Service Contracts, Scheduling, Dispatch, Project Management, and Work Order Management are all key.

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