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Methods of Marketing for any Business

There are many methods of marketing. Some methods will work great for one type of industry and other methods will work great for another type of industry. This is why there is no one method that will get you all the clients you need. You will always need to be testing every method that you try and track the results, if you get something then you put more money in and track again. Test, track, test again, and so on.

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Until you have reached the number of clients you want and the size of company you want. For most companies this will be ongoing forever as people in business normally want a larger business, but if you have a service company and you only want enough work for yourself and a few employees then you might create a marketing method that gives you all the results you can handle within a fairly short period of time.

Marketing For Service Providers

If your company provides services for homes then you might find this method of marketing and advertising to work very well. Create postcards or fliers and have them delivered door to door in areas of your city that have a high rate of home ownership.

You can have the post office do this for you. Where I am at the cost is about ten cents per postcard or flier plus the cost of printing. This is very low cost, and only getting a 1% conversion should have you making some sort of money.

If you are just starting your company you may want to get these printed then deliver them yourself. In my case I was able to deliver 100 fliers per hour and the cost of printing was only 3.5 cents per flier. I did this for a week and was able to deliver 1000 fliers in about 10 hours plus a little bit of drive time to each neighbourhood. I received about a 2% conversion for phone calls and converted about 50% of those into jobs. Then after making some money and using the post office my conversions dropped by a factor of 3. Which is too bad since my costs went up, but very worth while as now I did not have time to deliver the fliers anymore.

This method works great for plumbing, electrical, carpet installers, carpet cleaning, house cleaning, handyman, irrigation, lawn care, weed control, painting, flooring, furnace repair, furnace and duct cleaning, basement development, kitchens, countertop, and landscape companies just to mention a few. Of course this works for any other service company that caters to the homeowner. Also works for contractors that cater to homeowners as well, such are basements, garage builders, and deck building companies.

Check throughout this site for other ideas and methods of marketing for your business. If you try the method above and do not get any results then you most likely did not create an offer that is compelling enough. Learn some copywriting skills and test your market again.

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