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Construction Company Names Ideas

When choosing a company name, there are a number of things to take into consideration. Your company's name is often the first thing that a prospective customer sees of your business, and it should reflect you and the type of image you would like to convey. It is also helpful if it has some relation to the type of business you are in. While "Let's Paint" might be a reasonable company name, many people might wonder if you mean houses or portraits. Using your own name, such as "Johnson's Construction" or "John Smith and Sons Siding" are perfectly fine as well, but sometimes it helps to be a little original. Perhaps you can try a catchy play on the type of business you are in, followed by a company slogan, such as "All Weather Roofing: Rain or shine, we've got you covered."

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A company name should also be something that is short and memorable. The last thing you want is for your potential clients to say to themselves "What was the name of that company that does installs windows?" Your workmanship creates your reputation, your company name is your identity.

A good way to start is to brainstorm ideas. Sit down at the computer, or with a pen and paper, and just start writing down names that appeal to you. You could also do an online search to get ideas of what some other companies in your type of industry are called and use that as a starting point. Keep in mind that business names are usually registered with the state in which they do business, and you cannot have the same name as another company that does business in your area. When you are applying for incorporation papers or a business license for your business, most states will conduct a business name search and let you know if the name that you chose is already in use.

Another trick that many business owners utilize is to choose a company name that is near the beginning of the alphabet. Many people searching the yellow pages or in an online business directory will not go much further than the first page or two when doing their initial search, and this will increase your odds of getting an inquiry. Once you get that initial inquiry, the rest is up to you.

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