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How To Start A Window Cleaning Business Of Your Own

Running your own window cleaning business is a very rewarding job. Plus if you are good at it there is money to be made. It is a fairly easy business to start. You need to have a car, insurance, and some states require a business license. You have to have insurance before you can do anything. This is very important! There are two types you will want to have. The first is insurance in case you fall or get hurt on the job. The other kind you want to purchase is insurance if you break a client’s window or do other damage. You have to be covered for these in case there is a problem. You will want to think carefully about the name of your business because once you use it, it is a hassle to change it.

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The next thing to think about is what kind of services are you going to offer. Do you want to clean residential windows only? Or do you want to wash commercial windows? Maybe you want to do both. One of the biggest requirements for this job is you cannot be afraid of heights. Even if you clean just residential windows, you are still going to be faced with windows on the second floor. You cannot be afraid of a ladder. Another requirement is you have to work hard. This is pretty much a given as the quicker you finish the job the sooner you can move on to the next. Plus if you are fast and dependable you will get really good references.

Once you have decided all of these things you are ready to get working. First you will need some tools. Do not go with cheap; it is not always a good deal. Usually in the middle is best. After some time on the job you will know what tools are the best for you. You will want some business cards made so you can hand them out to people. The more you give the better. Make sure you hand each client one when you finish an estimate. You will need invoice form so you can give your client a receipt. You will also need a form for written estimates that you can give to your client. You will want a phone for business, a cell phone would be best. Some advertising is free, such as word of mouth and bulletin boards. You can run an ad in the phone book or the local newspapers.

Once you get a good client base, you will able to afford more expensive forms of advertising. You might even hire someone to help you. Keep accurate records of all of your expenses and income so at the end of the year you can have your taxes done. This includes vehicle expense and money paid for tools and supplies.

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