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How To Start A Roofing Company

People always need a roof over their heads so starting a roofing business is a safe investment. There is always a need for roof repairs or replacements in every sector from the commercial to the residential. Although putting up a roof requires specialized knowledge, it’s not hard to figure out how to start a roofing company.

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What You’ll Need

When you start a roofing project you always make sure that you have the necessary equipment before beginning. This applies to starting a roofing company too. In order to start your business you should make sure that you have access to a telephone, internet and, if possible, fax machine. You will also definitely need a truck in order to transport your equipment and supplies. You will need the roofing equipment that you plan to use regularly in your business. Make sure that you have valid identification, you’ll need this when registering your business as well as when presenting yourself on the job sometimes. Finally, make sure you have a little start-up money to cover initial costs until the cash flow has been established.



Where to Begin

The best place to start a roofing company is at your local courthouse so that you can get the paperwork out of the way. You need to apply for a basic business license, which is not a complicated procedure in most cases. There is a small fee to be paid to obtain this license, but it is a minor amount that won’t eat into your start-up capital too much. Once you have obtained your business license you can choose whether you’d like to register your company name as a DBA (doing business as) with your state.



Business Insurance

Although the roofing industry is a fairly stable industry it is definitely worth considering business insurance. There are many online websites that will compare prices for you and give you a free quote. Business insurance covers a business against accidents where you might cause damage to a customer’s property, such as damaging a customer’s car parked under the roof etc. It also provides coverage against any injuries you might sustain whilst working. If you have business insurance you can advertise that you are insured, customers generally prefer to choose a roofer who is insured.



How to Get Noticed

Once you’ve got the equipment, the license and the insurance you are ready to start working, now all you need is a customer. Advertising is the most successful way to get your name out there. Roofing companies generally advertise through telephone directories, newspaper and radio commercials and classified ads. Don’t underestimate the power of the internet – look into online classified options such as craigslist and you might even consider building a webpage.



Another method of advertising that can be successful, especially at the initial stages of your business is handing out flyers door to door. Make sure you have your name, contact details and working hours on the flyer. Once you have completed a job leave a flyer or business card with your customer so that they can contact you for repeat business or recommend you to a friend.



How to Keep Work Flowing

Once you’ve got a couple of jobs under your belt you can start to develop a portfolio. Take photographs of your jobs before and after you complete them. Make some notes about what type of problem you were contracted for and what work specifically you put into the job. It can be invaluable to keep a list of satisfied customers as references and ask some people if they would be able to provide a positive review of your work if contacted. If you have a webpage you can post feedback on it so that potential customers can read your reviews online.


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