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How To Start a Plumbing Business Without Any Money

If you are a skilled plumber, you can start your own plumbing business without spending any money. As long as you own a set of plumbing tools, you can use several creative methods to send business in your direction. You will need to prepare yourself physically and mentally because you will be doing a lot of legwork and face-to-face selling. You will also need to rely on your specialized knowledge and any references that you may have. You job is to get your name out to as many individuals as you can. Using the resourceful methods listed below will help you achieve this goal in the best possible way.

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Contact the local plumbers in your area and let them know who you are. You can do this by looking in your local yellow pages or checking the library in your area. You can also visit your local chamber of commerce and ask for a list of plumbers in the area. The chamber of commerce has helped many small businesses with their marketing and networking efforts. Let them know you are available as a sub-contractor and let them know how many years of experience you have. Do not hesitate to contact builders, electricians, and HVAC technicians because they may be able to help you find work as well.

Join a home improvement message board and give plumbing advice. This is a way to advertise yourself and showcase your knowledge without spending a dime. You can also join a message board for plumbers who wish to share their knowledge and personal experiences. Message boards allow you to meet people who share your same interests. Almost every message board allows you to put your personal contact information in your signature box. You can put your email address, phone number, and other contact information in this box. As the individuals in the community warm up to you, they may be inclined to contact you if they are in need of a plumber.

Visit any new construction sites in your area. Don’t assume that a plumber is already working on the site. Sometimes, the plumber is not hired until after the framework is completed. There is also a good chance that the hired plumber is lazy and unreliable. You may be able to replace them if you approach the foreman or builder at the right time. If they do not need a plumber for that site, ask them if they can use your services at any other site. Many times, contractors put their smaller jobs to the side because they need to devote their time to larger projects. Ask them if they have any small jobs available. If they do not, exchange your contact information with theirs and call them periodically.

Call and visit your friend and neighbors to let them know you exist. In the process of doing this, you will need to become a salesman as well as a plumber. This will be beneficial to you in the long run because friends and neighbors talk, which means free advertising for you. Word of mouth advertising is very powerful, and it can even keep you busy if you do good work. When you are cold-calling, you must be respectful because most of these individuals are not expecting your call. Don’t be a pushy salesman because this may turn the person off. Be polite and professional at all times and you will be ok.

These techniques will help you get the business you need without spending money on expensive marketing methods. Always contact your warm market first since they are more likely to give you work right away. Local plumbers and construction sites are always looking for skilled workers, so its best to start there. Use free advertising methods like internet message boards whenever possible. Once you have exhausted your warm market, you can tap into your cold market by cold-calling and visiting your friends and neighbors. This will help you build your references and give you free advertising through word of mouth. These strategies will help you start a plumbing business without any money. If you use these methods consistently, you will have a solid business with a good foundation in no time at all.

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