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How To Start a Painting Business

Starting a Company

The adage that says "you will never make any money working for someone else" rings true in many instances. However, the details involved in creating your own business is a lot like work!

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Beginning with the concept of your business, deciding how to fund your idea, acquiring the business licenses for both city, state, and federal agencies, marketing your business, advertising (if applicable), and if choosing an Internet presence the process becomes a entirely different ballgame.

There are many advantages in having ones own business, but there are disadvantages as well. Many men and women who have ventured into the business world will soon discover the many hours required in getting the project "moving", thus the time taken away from family or their spouse can also create unique problems for the aspiring independent.

It would be misleading to tell someone entering into their own business that it is an easy transition from the nine-to-five, because in most cases it is not. While working for someone else in a major corporation, or a three-man painting crew, the benefit of benefits comes into the picture. Most struggling entrepreneurs, especially with a spouse or children, have to consider the aspects of health insurance for their family. Since most Americans strive for that hidden paycheck called benefits, those perks are usually absent within the structure of a newly formed business.

To most people the aspect of not having a boss, working when they felt like it, or taking time off whenever the urge would strike have missed the point of business and businessmen/women. It is not about leisure time or the power delegated to their subordinates, nor the idea of becoming a millionaire overnight; the true sense of being a businessman comes from the satisfaction enjoyed when the bottom line is in the black, the employees have been paid, and there is enough reserve to enjoy a nice dinner out with the family.

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