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How to start a contracting business

Starting a contract business is easy and the process is pretty simple compared to other types of businesses. Pick a business that you know, there will be more than enough of what you don’t know as the business develops and expands.

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A contract business may experience feasts and famines between contracts and like all types of business cash flow is a key factor towards survival during the best and worst of times. Look into the business applications you need and the state and federal laws that apply to a contracting business?

The first items you need are:

Legal Counsel

Counsel will help with licensing, registrations and business structure. They will ensure that all proper state and federal forms are filed for records and tax purposes. Employer ID Number (EIN) are mandatory. If independent contractors are part of the plan be sure to have written agreements that describe the services to be performed and their responsibilities in providing the services. Have clear and precise customer agreements that outline the work to be done.

Business Plan

Write a business plan that includes the costs of operations and prospective clients who will be the core of the business operations. This may also be the preparation of getting a business loan. Describe the product and services and the value that the business brings to the market and why the customer will buy it. Spent the time to think about what tools and procedures are needed to support the business and the potential customers. Include all of the expense like business insurances and employee costs and equipment that may be necessary.


Identify the market, here’s where what you know takes on a new meaning. Success or failure is based on the owner’s ability to provide the services with enough quality to develop the business by creating a demand. Do a great job and the customer will refer, building a reputation and income for the business.

Get to know the competitors, both direct and indirect. Know their strength and weakness in comparison to your own business. Create a projection for marketing from a first-year plan to at least five years. The vision sets a target and provides a path for growth. Finally, have patience and be consistent.

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