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How to Start a Cleaning Business With No Money

No matter what they tell you, it is not true that starting a business with no money is impossible. When I first started my cleaning business all I had was my own hands, willingness to take the chance and the determination to succeed.

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As a woman with a family that was already in charge of keeping our living space clean, I figured I have enough knowledge about the basics of cleaning to start this adventure called entrepreneurship . I had no money to invest into expensive cleaning machines, equipment and supplies. Thus, to make myself competitive on the cleaning market, I had to offer something that no money can buy and is at the same time completely free - top quality and personal approach.

In order to find my first customers I started advertising and offering my services in local newspapers at first, and later online. Little by little I started getting requests for my services from the wealthier house-owners in my area. In order to make sure I don't have to invest my own money I insisted on using their cleaning supplies while giving my services. In return, my services turned out to be a whole lot cheaper than the ones my local competition was offering.

Many of my customers were very satisfied with the quality of my services, so they started hiring my newly founded company on regular basis. They liked my personal approach, my willingness to adjust my schedule to theirs as well as the fact that I was never in a hurry and I always took the time to make sure every little corner of their home was fresh and dust free.

Very soon, I established a circle of devoted clients. They recommended me to their friends and family members. In less than a year I was buried in work. I was expanding so fast that I had to hire more people to help me cover all the customers. My fast growing company is performing cleaning services for many successful companies today, but our main goal have never changed. Quality is, and always will be, the most important component of our work.

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