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How to Start a Carpet Cleaning Business


In these days of uncertain employment, owning your own business can be the best way to insure an income. Finding a business that will always be in demand is the key. Carpet cleaning businesses will always be needed and are relatively easy to get started.

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The first question you need to answer is what kind of clientele do you want to work for? Homeowners? Large or small businesses? Churches? The type of clientele will determine the kind of equipment you need and how you want to market your business. For example, a truck mounted system will work in homes and small businesses. These systems leave the water tanks inside the work van, and just the hoses will be taken into the client's location. For large businesses, a free standing unit is best so it can be moved easily around the facility.

Once you have your clientele chosen, you will need to purchase equipment and supplies. There are various types of equipment to choose from. There are dry systems that use a powder and a special applicator. Wet systems can either be large, like the truck mounted systems, or small, like carpet extractors. Extractors come in several sizes and are made by several companies. A janitorial supplier is a good place to start researching equipment types and costs. Looking for used equipment at auctions and online sales could save you thousands of dollars, provided the equipment in in good condition.

Finding a reliable supplier for your chemicals is also important. Building a relationship with your supplier is also necessary. They are likely to get calls from their other customers, looking for different services. If you have a good relationship with a salesperson, you're more likely to get referrals from them.

Next, you need a marketing plan, targeted to your clientele. Postcards are economical and practical, and are used mostly for advertising to homeowners or small businesses. There are several online companies that offer discounts on goods and services that are targeted to homeowners and small businesses. Advertising with them will help get your business recognized. Starting a webpage that links to online area directories is also an easy way to advertise. Don't forget to put signs on your vehicles. Make sure you always have a supply of business cards to hand out to potential customers.

Advertising to large companies is more difficult, unless you personally know the decision maker or can get their name and information. Many times, mail that doesn't have a specific person stated on the envelope gets returned to the sender. Calling the business and asking for the maintenance department is usually the best way to find out who makes the cleaning decisions.

Owning a carpet cleaning business can be a profitable and rewarding venture, with the right planning and decision making.

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