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Construction Company Software

New computer software is constantly being developed to help both businesses and individuals— and that includes construction companies. Such software helps the companies to do just about every type of task imaginable. For instance:

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- Accounting— Knowledge of monetary figures are vital to a business's functioning. In former days, a given amount would often need to be entered in more than one place— in a journal, a ledger, a work sheet, and so on. Software can enable the figures to be entered in only one place, from which they can flow to wherever they are needed. Paying by credit card is also much easier: sub- accounts can be set up to allow credit accounts to be reconciled.

- Job costs can be calculated and updated efficiently, and current proposals tracked.

- Subcontract control— There is software that prevents payments that exceed the amount stated in the revised subcontract from ever being entered. Owners can also track the documents related to their construction projects, such as insurance certificates and lien releases.

- Payroll accounting— Modules can handle many pay rates within a single pay period. They can also calculate overhead items related to paying employees, such as taxes.

- Image projection has become practical for management, so that documents can be integrated into the whole workflow through scanning technology. Such processes also makes it impossible for errors to occur, and the information contained in the documents is available immediately.

- Keeping track of and managing inventory is facilitated, and the information can be used for future purchasing decisions.

With the flexibility offered by many construction management modules, business people can choose how they want their data to be reported.

On the computer screen, one can view:

- information on each employee, including job info and status;

- jobs and open tasks— what date they are to be completed by, what tools and equipment will be required, who will perform them;

- database items— This screen shows the costs of various materials, what they are made of, who sold them;

- detail database

It is difficult to imagine how construction companies ever managed without the modern software that exists today.

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