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Construction Company Advertising

You have a construction company but you don't know how to get the word out? One simple word can make or break your business, so lets see what you can do to change your business from who are you? To, I know you!

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First what is Construction Company advertising? It is promoting your service and getting known. If you have the money promote, if you don't promote, if you are flat broke use your computer and type up signs and hang them everywhere and promote. When you stop advertising, you fade. There are always newer creative people out there wanting your clients.

You advertise so that you can get business into your company so that you can make a profit and survive. You advertise so that you can grow your business, expand and keep up with a fast paced competition. Word of mouth is great but many times in a conversation people forget what they are told by the time they get where they are going. Internet, flyers, and radio are a few ways to get known.

Advertising can run into big bucks depending on what type you use, so you have to come up with ways to balance those dollars. Offer discounts to clients to put a sign on their grounds advertising your business. Newspaper filler spots, ask the local paper if they have any filler spots you could have at a discounted price. Community college, high school junior high’s and community theaters all perform musicals. Every year they ask for donations to help with the productions in exchange they put your advertisement in their programs. Simple, easy and low cost! You also get a "Friendly" kick back because parents remember sponsors! Support a children’s sports league. The shirts that are made for these organizations will have your place of business on them and then go to a few of the games and introduce yourself. Local TV spots would be another way to go. View advertising as an investment but research what will work for you within your budget. Little ways big ways be creative and get known!

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