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Starting a Business in the United States

When starting a business in the United States you will have to take into consideration any legal needs that have to be met by each level of government.  For instance you need to register your business for tax purposes for both federal and state levels. 
You should take a look at click here to learn more about the different types of licensing that is required for the different industries.  Every industry has different regulations and therefore has different forms that need to be processed.  I found the above link to be a great resource to help you get your business started.

You will also need to put together a business plan.  A business plan allows you to know what you want and where you need to focus your efforts to be successful with your new business.  Inside your business plan you should have a marketing plan.  How much money do you have for marketing?  What type of marketing are you going to start with?  Are you going to hire someone to do your marketing?  Are you building a website and creating a strong online presence?  All of these need to be done at some point, but depending on your financial backing might dictate just when you will get certain projects completed.

Where will your business be located?  If you are working from your house you will need to get approval and set up home office.  If you plan on renting or leasing space then depending on the type of business you are in this can help you with getting clients.  Any location that deals with the end consumer should be in a location that has the possibility for a lot of drop in traffic.  If you are a B2B or business to business type company then setting up a location in a more industrial area might be more feasible. 

You will want to name your business.  In the United States names are regulated by individual states.  Check our recourse section for more information on starting a business in each state. 

The business name you will be registering is your DBA or doing business as…

Will you being hiring employees at some point?  If so you will need to get a Employer Identification Number or EIN for short.   Check out for more information on this.

When you hire someone you will need to verify that the person you hired is allowed to work within the United States. 

Check out for all the regulations on how to hire and what you have to do when hiring someone. 

This pretty much sums up the fundamental parts of starting a business in the Untied States.  Check out our articles on starting a business in the individual states and cities for more information. 

Before you decide to start a business you will want to have some skills that are beyond just doing the work of that business.  For instance, you might be a great home builder, plumber, mechanic, sales person, but you still need to know how to run a business.  Do you have the mindset to go from employee to employer?  Are you good at managing people and managing money?  I think the reason so many people fail in the first five years of starting a business is because they do not have the correct mind set and drive.  Are you willing to do whatever it takes when you start a business?  What comes first you or your business? 

Of course in life we need balance but for those first 6 to 12 months we need to put everything else aside and focus only on the new business. 

Thanks for reading, if you are from Alberta check here on starting a business.

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