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Starting a Business in Canada

Canada is a great place to live and work, and one of the best places in the world to start a business. 

The first thing you will want to do is come up with a business name.  Do a search to make sure your business name is not already taken by another company.  To do a search you will need to speak with a registration office in the province you are in or you can check out my other articles. 

Once you have your business name you will need to use that when you are doing the other steps in this article.  When you are start a business in Canada you will need to get a BN or business number.  Then you will have to get registered with the CRA and a GST or HST number. 

From there you will need to get registered in the province that you are doing business in.  Each province has regulations on the type of businesses that need to be registered and the type of businesses that need a provincial license. 

Here is a good resource to check out.  The information there will get you up and running. 

Then you will need to look into what sort of licensing is required for you business in the city you are going to operate your business out of. 

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The reason there is not one standard method or procedure for this is because there are so many different types or industries of business.  And each area has to be regulated differently.  For example a cleaning business that operates in people's houses is much different that a clothing store that has their own shop.  Or a massage parlor has to be regulated differently then an alarm company that sells alarm systems door to door. 

Next you will need to get any appropriate insurance that you will need for your new business.  When you speak with your insurance agent they will tell you what you need for insurance.  Always ask if there is anything else you need to be aware of.  Since you are starting a new business you do not want to have your business fail because something happened and you did not have the insurance to cover it.