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Starting a Business in BC

One of the first things you need to think about while starting a business in BC is what sort of business do you want?  A sole proprietorship, a corporation or a limited partnership. 

Once you know what you want for a business then you will need to create a business name. 

Your business name should say what you do, but it not necessary.  Most people will use a simple name like their last name and their industry or their full name and their industry.  Or you can go with something completely different and not mention your industry.   

When you are starting a business in BC you will need to get a BN or business number and register with HST or harmonized sales tax.  Check out the cra for more information

I had a tough time finding information for registering a business in BC, I did find this one place.  Looks like this will help you get your business registered. 

Once you have been registered, and have all the necessary legal documents in place you will want to look into what is involved in getting a license with the city you live in.  Each city has slightly different regulations that need to be followed. If you are in Alberta click here to learn about starting a business.

The other things you must consider when you are starting a business in BC are what sort of location are you going to work out of, and will you be hiring anybody to help you with you business.  Depending on your location you may have to get different operating permits to allow you to commence business from that location. 

Once you have done all of this you will need to start to market your business.  Check through the articles on this website to learn more about marketing.  Or check out the services we provide to help you get your business making money.