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Starting a Business in Alberta

If you are starting a business in Alberta you will need to follow some guidelines to get started.

Since Alberta has privatized the individual locations of licensing offices you are able to do a nuans search at any office in the province of Alberta. 

A nuans search is just a name search to make sure you are not using the same name as someone else already in the province.  You can also incorporate your new business at any of the offices as well. 

Grab a copy of my free ebook Starting a Business in AlbertaThere is different fees based on how you are going to incorporate and if you are going to have them set up and keep your book of minutes.  Compared with a lawyer these fees are very inexpensive.  And as compared with a lawyer you will not be getting any legal advice.  Only a lawyer can guide you legally, but if this is the direction you want to go then go right ahead. 

Once you have your trade name with or without your corporation you will then need to get a business license within the town or city you plan on doing business in. 

Depending on the type of business you are starting you may need to get a provincial license.  Check here to learn more.