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Start Handyman Business

To start a handyman business you will have to have multiple skills to repair or build things around the home or sometimes a commercial building. Most handyman businesses are repair businesses used by homeowners to do small odd jobs that are normally cheaper than hiring an actual professional for that trade, a plumber to do plumbing instead of a handyman. Yes, you are more than qualified to do those small plumbing, electrical, carpentry jobs and other things, but most people will want to pay you less since you do not have a ticket. That is ok, you can still make very good money as a handyman.

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You will want to get registered in your city and follow all the requirements laid out by your local authorities. Then get yourself a name, and get that registered as well. Now buy some business cards and get any tools that are required for you to make some money.

To start a handyman business you will need clients, many different clients throughout the year. Unlike other businesses that might get to see the same client once a week or so you might only see your clients once or twice a year or even less. This will mean you need a good system of marketing in place to keep a nice steady stream of clients coming to you. And not just regular clients but top notch clients that will be happy to pay you what you are worth. I found out the hard way that advertising in the cheapest paper in my city only brought in the cheapest clients in the city. Do not waste your money.

To help others like yourself I put together a guide that will help you get clients and start your handyman business. Thanks for reading, I hope you found this article helpful.


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