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Start A Construction Company

Is it time for you to start a construction company? I am guessing you have worked for contractors for awhile and have learned a fair amount about the world of construction. Whether that is building houses, or commercial buildings or maybe one of the trades that does the work in a new or renovation construction job. If you are ready to start a construction company then you will want to gain some knowledge on the business side of things that a construction company owner will need to know.

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First you will need to be the type of person that is willing to sacrifice many hours of not just labour but also time in the office doing estimates. If you have a strong work ethic and a deep desire to succeed than you will be perfect for this.

Step 1 To Start a Construction Company

Get a name for your construction company that will be easy to remember. Then register that name with your area. Check with your lawyer about what is required for setting up a company in your area. Every type of company requires slightly different regulations to be legal. Make sure you do this step correctly to save yourself from future disappointments.

Step 2 To Start a Construction Company

Get everything you need to the contracts you are going to pick up. If you need something that you can not afford at the moment then rent it until you can buy one. Yes, you may not make as much on that job because you had to rent and had to take the time to go and rent the tool, but it is better to use as much of your resources in the beginning for getting contracts.

Step 3 To Start a Construction Company

Start to get clients. There is many ways to get clients when you first start your construction company. One way is to pick up the phone and call contractors that might be willing to hire you as a subcontractor. This is a great way to start, you make more money than when you were working for someone else but without much risk on advertising yet. Another way to get clients is to meet potential businesses that will refer you. You can do this at many different referral clubs, or the chamber of commerce.

Another way to get clients is to send out postcards to homeowners. If someone is doing a basement development or renovation they might call you. To do this effectively you will need to learn how to write postcards and advertising. Learn more in my ebook at marketing of services.

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