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Marketing for Contractors

Understanding Construction Marketing Strategy

Some industries, like construction contracting have unique requirements when it comes to workable marketing methods. Construction is the business of completions where every project has specific termination and serious consequences for failing to do so.

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A sound strategy for getting new clientele will define the construction firm’s strengths and pay for customers that are attracted to those points. The contractor is a person with a company who takes a formal contract to do a specific job, supplying labor and materials and providing and overseeing staff if needed. There are lots of contractors such as;

• landscapers,

• plumbers,

• painters,

• electricians,

• roofing,

• drywall,

• framing,

• carpenters,

• foundation installer,

• excavators,

• clean-up crews,

• and HVAC technicians.

Determine your Primary Specialty then Market Accordingly

Determining your specialty strength will narrow the kind of project decision makers you need to approach and simplify your marketing requirements. If remodeling is your specialty, consider advertising to home owners through advertising directories such as the Yellow Pages and directly using postcards, and newsletters. If you are an erection specialist, your marketing focus should be more targeted at general contracting firms. Association membership and active participation may the key to becoming and remaining a preferred vendor to area project leaders. If you are into general contracting, your marketing effort will be directed at organizations that need facilities that you specialize in erecting. In addition to membership in construction industry associations, you will need to consider participating with other non-construction professional groups that work to improve your community’s economic and civic stature.

It's Advertising & Publicity, Online or Off

You want your customers to find you Online, so you need to understand publicity versus advertising. In construction you advertise to attract new business and publicize to retain existing customers. Websites mostly serve the publicity purpose. This is the activity of disseminating information, designed to increase public interest in your specialty so as to make project owners aware of the things or methods and people you employ to serve their community.

You may consider building yourself a lead generating website and employing SEO strategies to direct home owners using the Internet to find your firm. If you attach a price for a specific service to a paper or electronic ad, that’s advertising. Seeing as how most profitable referrals will come from word of mouth, this is a better renovation remodeling strategy than erection construction GM approach.

The Shortest Path to Success Isn't a Shortcut

Paying for leads solves a lot of advertising versus publicity issues before they get started. Keeping business in the pipeline may require working out of your region or state at times when the economy is unfavorable to local construction. You don’t want to be relying on cold calls and advertising during lulls. The most cost effective, long term strategy is to work every lead you purchase in a consistent methodical manner. Working those leads requires a commitment from day one till the day you shutter the business. That includes following up your mailings and publicity on a regular basis with a live calling program.

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