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How To Start A Plumbing Business

Before learning how to start a plumbing business you have to ask yourself if you are qualified to work as a plumber? Do you have the education required? If not you can still start a plumbing business, but you will need to hire someone that is a trained journeyman.

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The second question to ask yourself before learning how to start a plumbing business is what makes you think you can build a business? This is no easy task, like so many people think. There is large risks of both time and money, so you better know you want it before moving forward.

Once you know you want one and can do some plumbing work then you need to open up the business. This means you need to check with your local authorities to find out what regualtions you need to follow to get started.

Then you need to get a phone number, business name, incorporate if you are ready, buy a truck or van, get some tools, buy insurance for vehicle and and business, buy some plumbing business cards, and whatever else is necessary in your area.

Now you need that phone to start ringing. Most people want to know how to start a plumbing business, but the thing you should want to learn right away is how can I get tons of work?

You can advertise in the newpaper, yellow pages, tv, radio, or many other places. I found when I was getting started I had two methods that brought me in business. The first was small inexpensive ads in the classified section of my local paper. If you have more then one paper go in the most expensive paper. if you learn nothing else from this article on how to start a plumbing business let it be this. The more expensive paper will cost you more money, give you less leads, but pay you more per job, and have less pain in the butt clients. I learned this the hard way. Many people would call me from other ads, but they were cheap, argued over little tiny extras, and wanted to rip me off all the time. Stay away from them!

The second method I used with some success was cold calling contractors. I picked up three that first summer, and my company was off to a good start.

I was making decent money, but wanted to expand, so I learned all I could on marketing and advertising. This lead me to learning about something called copywriting. A very interesting way of grabbing a readers attention, then having them follow through to the offer and pick up the phone. I tired this with many different forms of marketing. Some worked some not, but all helped me learn and grow.

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Good luck learning on how to start a plumbing business.

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