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How to Start a Painting Business

Learning how to start a painting business can be one of the easier businesses to start. I am not saying painting is that easy, in fact I am horible at it. But starting a painting business can be easier then some other businesses. The reason for this, and you need to check your local authorities, is most cities are not as strict with painters as they are with other trades, services, and professionals.

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If you are starting a plumbing company you will either have to have a ticket or hire someone that does. Not so with a painter, yes having a ticket might get you there faster, but with some good marketing skills you will do great.

First off, learning how to start a painting business will be a complete waste of time if you are not truly a business person. What does it take to be a business person? You need to have discipline, be a problem solver, have strong focus, and have a positive mindset. Then you need a ton of passion and desire to succeed.

If you have all of those above you know you a ready to learn how to start a painting business.

Do you want to just get started with your own painting business, or do you want to buy a franchise? There are many different franchise painting businesses on the market. These companies will have systems in place and teach you what you need to know to succeed. The downside is you will not have complete control.

If you go the franshice route then follow their guildelines. If not then you need to register your company with the local area you are working in, get a business name, painting business cards, tools, equipment, phone number, transportation, and a method of getting clients

Are you going to do small jobs for home owners, or larger jobs for contractors? The smaller jobs pay well and pay fast, but the larger jobs are easier to come by and you only need a couple of them per month to make a living.

Will you be charging flat rate or by the hour?

Can you do all of the work yourself, or do you have to hire helpers from the beginning?

How are you going to get business?

One way to get business is by joining networking clubs and associations. By doing this you can meet contractors that might need your services, as well as meet people that will refer you to others.

Another way of getting business is starting a marketing plan. If I was to do things over again this is how I would have started. Learn what methods of marketing there is, such as newspaper, yellow pages, postcards, radio, and tv. More importantly though is learning what to say on those methods of marketing.

This is called copywriting, to learn more about compywriting check marketing of services.

Thanks for reading my article and good luck learning how to start a painting business.

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