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How to Start a Handyman Business

Learning how to start a handyman business can be a difficult task, but once you are started you will reap the rewards of a business owner.

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Are you handy around the house? Do you have great people skills? Ready for some challenges? Have a never give up attitude? If so then you are ready to start your very own handyman business.

The first thing you need to do is check with your local authorities on what is required of you as handyman business owner. Are you working out of your house? Or have a shop? When I started I worked from home, but rented a garage, then shortly after rented a second garage. This is very cost effective for a small company just starting out. 

Once you have all the legal issues out of the way you can start to get the necessary parts of your business moving. You need to have transportation, tools, equipment, phone number, insurance for your business and your truck, a business name, and handyman business cards. 

Now that you have all this out of your way you are ready for the next step. You need to get customers. Not any kind of customers though, you need paying customers. 

To get these you need to start handing out those business cards to all of your friends, at networking events, clubs, at the grocery store, and everywhere else you might be able to do business. You would not believe how much work I have gotten out of my local hardware store just by handing out some cards and helping a few confused people in the store. 

The next method of getting clients is to learn about marketing. There are many mehtods of marketing for you to take advantage of. But more importantly than the different methods of marketing is the words that you use with those methods. 

To learn about a skill called copywriting, writing effective headlines, and creating ads that produce results check marketing of services. 

Thanks for reading my article and good luck with learning how to start a handyman business.


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