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     Edmonton marketing firms can help you find a marketing company in Edmonton that will help you with all of your online and/or offline marketing needs.

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     When you are looking for a marketing company in Edmonton you should know ahead of time what your needs are.  For instance are you looking to increase your exposure through a marketing campaign that brands your business or product?  Or are you looking to create a marketing plan that will bring you in results as soon as possible? 

     Some companies that will help with your branding needs will use advertising methods such as bus stops, bill boards, buses, tv, radio, and other large dollar methods of getting your name out there.  Often this is a great way to get noticed but for those of you with much smaller budgets this is not the method I would suggest.  The reason I do not suggest this method of marketing in Edmonton is because you really need to be on more than one billboard or bus stop to achieve any results.  The cost of creating an advertisement and placing that on a billboard or on TV can be the same cost as creating a postcard marketing campaign with good copywriting and blanket the city.  Not that I would suggest you blanket the city of Edmonton with postcards until you have tested a much smaller and therefore cheaper section of the city.  This is to keep your costs down until your offer on the postcard is proven to bring in a profitable return on investment.

When deciding on the type of marketing firm you would like to use in Edmonton you should be prepared to explain to that marketing firm the size of your budget.  This might not sound safe, but if you do not trust the marketing firm you are working with then you should not be working with them.  The reason you should give a marketing firm your budget is so that nobody is wasting anyone else’s time.  If you have a marketing budget of 250,000 dollars you might find many marketing companies in the city are not equipped to accommodate your needs.  If on the other hand your budget is 20,000 dollars you might now find that those larger marketing firms really do not want your business. Click here.

If you are looking for a small marketing firm that builds lead generating websites, creates compelling sales letters for online or offline, and can create marketing campaigns for newspaper, yellow pages, postcards/flyers, and direct mail, then give us a call. 

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