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Edmonton Marketing Companies

     Most Edmonton marketing companies will have an area of expertise or something that company specializes in.  Some Edmonton marketing companies will be a full service do everything one stop shop type of marketing company.  Others will specialize in a few areas and do those very well.  Only you can decide what type of marketing company in Edmonton will fit your needs. 

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     Here at Kramer Marketing you can increase your customer base using any of these following methods:  Website leasing, SEO, Local Search, fan pages, sales letters, yellow page advertising, direct mail marketing, direct response, and copywriting.  This might look like we do many different types of marketing, but when you look at the base of these methods we really only have two, search engine optimization and copywriting.  These two skills can bring clients to your door, pick up the phone, coming to your website, and most importantly buying your products and services. 

     Where many people fail when marketing is there is no call to action, they have a weak headline or they have no offer at all.  Without a strong headline you will not grab the attention of your reader.  Maybe right now you are thinking “this guy has a crappy headline”, and you are absolutely right.  The headline I have here has nothing to do with copywriting and everything to do with search engine optimization.  Most websites do not have a sales letter on the home page of the site., unless that site is only used as a sales letter. 

    There is of course many other areas that need to be considered when creating any marketing campaign in Edmonton.  What sort of budget have you set aside for marketing?  This can determine the size and type of marketing plan you start with.  A larger budget can mean you can create a marketing campaign that can include many different strategies.  Such as multiple lead generating websites, a well tested postcard campaign, yellow pages advertising (yes this still works great for many industries) and maybe some lead generating newspaper or magazine ads.  A smaller budget can mean you have to pick and choose your methods in the beginning and as your companies revenue increases then start using multiple techniques.

     I hope that you will consider looking at what we can offer your business when you are looking for Edmonton marketing companies. Others liked Starting a business in Alberta.

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