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Edmonton Internet Marketing

     Edmonton internet marketing companies are a dime a dozen.  How do you sift through to find which company will be best for your company? 

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     Before you even start looking for an internet marketing company in Edmonton you should ask yourself a question.  What are my needs when it comes to marketing my company online in Edmonton?  Are you a local business looking for more local clients, or are you a local business looking for more global clients?  By knowing these answers beforehand you can better choose an Edmonton internet marketing company or strategy.

     When you think about internet marketing are you thinking about ranking high in the search engines?  There is much more than just ranking high with a natural or organic search.  You can market your business online using search engine optimization, pay per click ads, banners, joint ventures with other companies that are marketing online, email marketing, facebook and other social networking sites. online directories, leasing exclusive sites, online classifieds, video marketing and local search.  These are the ones that come to mind just off the top of my head.  There are others but are in most cases interlinked with the ones I have mentioned.

     When it comes to internet marketing Edmonton has a lot to offer.  When I am doing keyword research for my clients I find that there are always as many or more searches in Edmonton as there are in larger places like Vancouver.  This could be because most people in Edmonton search for a company in Edmonton using the geo term, while people in Vancouver most likely are searching for someone that is within their suburb.

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