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Best Online Money Making Ideas

As far as I am concerned there are only 5 really good online money making ideas. Here is the countdown.

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5. PPC systems

These are a great way to make money online. Of course most people use PPC or pay per click to get traffic, but you can do this to make money online. You create a website, send traffic to that website then when someone clicks on a link you get a portion of the revenue from that click. The links that would be on your site would be from any of a number of companies that can provide this service.

The downside to creating this type of online money making campaign is you need to get a lot of traffic to your site. And you cannot pay for the traffic or you will find it is costing you more money to pay for the traffic then you are making from people clicking on your ads.

You will need to become very good at SEO and since the search engines change constantly you have to keep learning all the time. This is fine if this is what you like to do but can be tough.

4. CPA Networks

A CPA network is a short for cost per action. Yes, when someone clicks on a link they are in a sense taking an action. But in this case the action taken is after they have clicked from your site to the other site and fill out some type of form. For instance if you have a site that sends someone to a credit card site and they fill out a form then you get paid $50. This can be if they get the credit card or not!

There are many different CPA networks that all have many different products. The biggest problem is similar to the above method of making money online. You need to get traffic and lots of it to make money. Which is fine, but since these are a one time action you never make money from that client again.

3. Local Market

When dealing with the local markets you have a lot more work involved. You need to find clients, get those clients traffic and help them to make sales. This can be done by building your local client a website and also doing other online marketing such as Facebook fan pages and other social media methods.

This can be very lucrative, but compared with other methods the work involved is much more time consuming and difficult. You will need to know many different forms of online marketing, such as SEO, PPC, banner ads, blogs, all forms of social media, article marketing, and link building to mention the most common types. Like I said this can be very lucrative and that is why I have it listed as number 3, but as far as the work that is involved this should be listed as number 5 on this list.

2. Affiliate markets

Affiliate marketing means that you make a portion of the sale of a product that you recommend. This means you can send people to a page from a paid ad, a banner ad, or from your own website or list of clients. If you build a website, have people join your list then market different products to the people on that list you can make money from that same list over and over again.

1. Local Businesses

This is by far the number one best online money making idea there is. Working with local businesses and helping them create leads from online efforts is fantastic.

This involves helping others get found online, helping others make money online, and so much more.  Compared with any other strategy this is the best.  You can choose to join the system and make money online or just use their system to rank your site much higher. 

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