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Service Contracting

Welcome to  The purpose of this site is to help all new, future and existing business owners in every way possible in their business. 

Inside you will find pages that will teach you:

How to start a business.

How to market a business.

Strategies you can use to start your business with little or no money.

Different mediums of advertising and promoting your business.

Copywriting skills.

How to build a simple website.

How to build a customer list and how to market to that list.

Hiring and firing employees or sub contractors.

The importance of knowing how to calculate the lifetime value of a client.

Using different strategies to get your website found and increase your customer base.

Building a fanpage on Facebook.

Using Youtube to enhance your brand and build trust.

Creating a newsletter for online and offline marketing.

How to use advertising on Facebook and Google Adwords to gain more clients.

Getting your business ranking higher in the search engines.

And much more...

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